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Leadership Through Science and Determination (module 1)

Unaffiliated - Non-accredited

Duration: Ongoing

Grade band: Teacher Training


Randy Testa and Tony Sun are taking a new approach to help students explore the concept of leadership development. Instead of the traditional leadership development approach of discussing leadership skills and case studies, they lead students to discover leadership through storytelling using both films and texts i.e. through the usage of cross-media comparisons of stories told in print and film to develop both student knowledge and skills and inspire them to naturally discover and develop their leadership skills as a result. The pedagogical framework is based on a three-way examination (aesthetic, academic and ethical) and it capitalizes on distinctions in the story and offers opportunities to teach along pedagogical dimensions that support deep comprehension, making inferences, and drawing conclusions. Randy and Tony help students to examine the concept of leadership through three modules: 

Module 1:  Leadership Through Science and Determination – Through the book Thread of the Silkworm by Iris Chang and the 2012 movie Hsue-shen Tsien 

Randy is currently the Associate Director of PreK-16 programs at the Harvard Graduate School of Education Professional Education division and Tony Sun is currently a Master’s in Education (Ed.M.) in Higher Education candidate at the Harvard Graduate School of Education as well as the Director of Administration and Finance at Harvard College Phillips Brooks House. 

Single Module Price: $130

Three-Module Package Price: $340

Module is now active and accepting registrations.