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Origin Learning Fund


Duration: Ongoing

Grade band: All Ages


O-Lab: Education Without Barriers


O-Lab is a personalized global solution to education inequality; it’s an on- and offline training application that allows you to digitize your content, educate and train your target groups, and effectively measure the impact of your projects.

Our Origin:

Fundación El Origen was born from the trust in youth and educational alliances as catalysts of change. Coming from La Guajira, Colombia, the area with the largest indigenous population as well as the highest high school drop-out rate in the country, the unequal access and the lack of inclusivity of education there showcased an unjust reality. La Guajira is home to our co-founder, Tania Rosas, who through a scholarship managed to partake in higher education. Having had this opportunity, Tania saw no other way forward than to bring the same chance to kids living in vulnerable communities such as her own.

This is the mission and life behind our foundation, and it is with these issues and this vision in mind that we created our application O-Lab.

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Support for this comes from GNEC and Rutgers Prep.