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Supporting Grieving Students

All Schools - NJAIS

Duration: 10 Day Course

Grade band: Teacher Training


Approximately 9 of 10 students experience the death of a close friend or family member and approximately 1 in 20 U.S. children experience the death of a parent by 16 years of age. These major losses have the potential to cause short- and long-term effects on the psychological functioning, academic achievement, emotional adjustment, health, and developmental trajectory of students. Classroom educators can play a vital role in providing important support to students to help them better understand what has happened, minimize the academic impact through academic accommodations, help them learn coping strategies to accelerate their adjustment and minimize their distress, and minimize maladaptive coping mechanisms and behavioral difficulties. Yet the vast majority of teachers report that they never received any training in how to support a grieving student — and this is the primary reason they don’t reach out and support grieving students in their class. The goal of this training is so that no child has to grieve alone.

Kappa Delta Pi

Support for this course come from GNEC and Rutgers Prep