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Unity Game Development

Rutgers Preparatory School - NJAIS

Duration: Full Year

Grade band: 11, 12


This course is an advanced game design and development course. Students should be experienced programmers prior to enrolling in this course. They must have completed or enrolled in Advanced Software Design. This course will explore game design and development using the Unity Game Engine. Unity is a fully Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing games. This IDE provides an in-depth and advanced Application Programming Interface (API). The game development API includes prefab objects, many libraries, documentation, and video tutorials. Students will learn the game engine platform, the design and manipulation of game objects, and the various programming languages supported by Unity. There will be two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects used in two-dimensional and three-dimensional games. The various programming languages will allow students to manipulate and animate these objects for different platforms. The best part is that all materials are freely provided by Unity! In addition, Blender and Gimp (two free software) will allow students to experiment with creating and manipulating their own objects. This course is a Project-Based-Learning course with online tutorials and projects that promote creativity and design thinking.